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Our stylish ranges are divided by construction material and include many items from Schock and Astracast at competitive prices.

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Ceramic Composite Stainless

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This premum material offer all the advantages of CRISTALITE. It has an extremely fine nanostructure for easy care and an unprecedented nanoclean-Effect. It is virtually impossible for bacteria and dirt to stick to the material’s surface.

An added benefit of CRISTADUR is its silky-smooth finish giving the material an exquisite sheen and soft feel with maximum resistance to dirt and scratches

The premium CRISTADUR material additionally offers the Nanoclean effect. The material’s nanostructure is so fine that it is virtually impossible for bacteria and dirt to stick to the surface. It simply runs off.

The Schock Pro Hygienic 21 standard guaranteed a natural kitchen environment that’s hostile to bacteria, ensuring optimum hygiene and safety while you work.

The patented surface quality and safety have been tested and certified by Germany’s LGA.


CRISTALITE PLUS is the new, on-trend material from Schock. 30 years of experience and refinement have gone into producing a superior quality material which is now considerably easier to clean, tougher and shines with a new intensity of colour. CRISTALITE PLUS is also food-safe and UV-stable.